Friday, June 15, 2012

Look at this Vintage Boot!

It is a beautiful thing to behold, this vintage boot:

I know it seems a bit "and your little dog, too" but that is so my style. It's hard to tell in this picture if the other boot is behind it or if there is just one boot.

Which brings me to my next thought to ponder...what if you only have one leg/foot? Do you still have to pay for TWO shoes/boots whenever you have the urge to buy some new footwear? Or is there like a one-legged community where people with a right foot can network with people with a left foot and then go halves on a pair of shoes? I'd imagine it would be difficult to find someone with your same taste in shoes, the opposite foot, AND the same size. Sheesh.

But yeah, sweet boot, right?

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