Wednesday, June 27, 2012

These Vintage Jeans

Look at these crazy broads and their old school jeans:

No, those aren't the first ever 7 jeans. I'm pretty sure those are Levi jeans. I mean, they were the only ones making jeans in this time period, right?

Then again, what is that time period? Looks like they're at some kind of rodeo. Maybe people still dress like this at rodeos? I can't say I've ever been to one. It could be that they are like psyschobilly/greaser types and this is just how they dress, and someone used some hipster filter on their iPhone to take this picture. I should really pay more attention to where I steal pictures from.

My favorite one is the girl 2nd from the right with her hand on her hip. She looks really anxious, like she possibly needs to go to the bathroom real bad. I hope she doesn't ruin those jeans!

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